The Crimson Room

Can you escape the crimson room?

Hints – check ALL around the bed…even between the mattress and headboard, and below the foot of the bed.

Highlight the text below this line for a list of items (but try to find them first, they ARE all there.)
Gold key is under the pillow.
Silver key is on the window frame.
Normal key is in the CD player after it’s powered up.

Stick for the red box is between mattress and headboard.
1st ring for the red box is on the dish on the desk.
2nd ring for the red box : click on opened curtain several times.
1st battery for red box is already in the box when you find it.
2nd battery for red box is in the lower left part of blank wall next to the bed. (This was probably the hardest item to find – just click around a lot.)
Cassette is under the desk.

When the red box is assembled, click on the lens to watch the movie, click on the area the dancer points to (a plus) 3 times *after* the movie ends to reveal the safe

Code for the safe is 1994. Alternate codes used to be found on the developer’s website, which is listed on the paperwork in the drawer, but the site no longer exists. 1994 has always worked.

Use the screwdriver to break the door handle.