Philippine prison “Thriller”

1500 prison inmates perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

In 2007, the chief warden of a maximum security prison in the Phillippines came up with the idea of having his prisoners exercise to music as an enjoyable way of keeping them mentally and physically fit, and as a way to try to break down gang factions. The prisoners exercised to such artists as The Village People, Michael Jackson, Queen, and even to songs from the movie “Sister Act”. Eventually he brought in a choreographer to help put exercise routines together.
The program was seen as successful, so the prison chief recorded some of these sessions and posted them on YouTube, in the hope that they might inspire other prisons to learn from the experience. One of these performances shows 1,500 inmates doing the zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video in their exercise yard. This video became an Internet hit, and immediately went viral, receiving over 55 million views to date.